Can't find the answer here?
Is there an easy way to see all the Jumble Trails taking place?

You can see a full list of upcoming events that have been created by Jumble Trail members here 

We don't have a list of past events but if you click on the gallery section you can see pictures from each trail.

Where does the stall revenue go?

Jumble Trail is a low cost self funded community orientated business. We haven't made a profit yet! Everything currently goes back in to the business. As a result we set a base line for all events which was a flat fee of £2 to cover running costs.

It's up to you whether you charge more than £2 for your event. 

As a Champion your stall is free and will be created without going through the payment gateway, so no banking charges for us

Everyone else that joins will be automatically asked to make payment before their stall is published. These monies will be shared out after the event and your portion returned. As a rule of thumb the average £5 stall fee works out as follows:-


Revenue per stall: £5

External banking fee: 30p

JT gets: £1.88

Champion gets: £2.82 


So if you get 10 stalls you'll have £28.20 to play with on printing and promotion, 20 stalls £56.40 and so forth. It's a good idea to have a target number of stalls ahead of the event so that you have something to work towards, and more importantly a predicted budget to play with.

How do I start a new Jumble Trail?

It's very simple to start a new Jumble Trail click on "start" in the top navigation on the home page and then follow the instructions.

You will need to decide where (the default is a one mile radius from the address you enter) and when you want the trail to take place. You will also need to decide if you want to charge stall holders for being listed. You may wish to charge to cover any printing costs you incurr or if you are trying to raise money for a good cause 

You can set-up a Jumble Trail anywhere (worldwide) at the moment though we can only take stall regsitration fees in GBP.

How do I add an image to my stall description, after I have registered?

The quickest way is to go to jumbletrail.com, login and then click on home. From there you should click on your profile and that will list the trails you have joined and stalls you have set-up.

Click on the stall and in green letters you should see the option to upload photos.

At anytime when you are logged in and on the trail event page you can use the icons on the right to access your stall, print out window posters and flyers and share the event  via social media and email. The more people on your street taking part the more likely visitors will come.

How wide an area can a Jumble Trail be?

The default is set to locate houses with a one mile radius of the Champion’s registered address. 

What can I sell at my Jumble Trail?
All the usual items clothes, books, plants, furniture, toys etc, pretty much anything you would see at a car boot sale as long as it’s legal.
What if there is bad weather or an emergency?

Please email hello@jumbletrail.com and let us know what is happening, in the worst case scenario we can cancel the event, but it's up to you as the Champion to take a pragmatic view. It's very important to take other participants into consideration, as time spent (preparing and participating in the trail) is valuable. 


Should I cancel if I am a Champion?

If you’ve committed to a date you should try and carry on regardless if for some reason you can’t do it, then a delegate should be found. Keep people informed as there may be someone on your trail that can take the reigns.

If you do decide you need to cancel then please contact hello@jumbletrail.com

As a Jumble Trail Champion when do I receive the monies collected from stall holders?

Usually within two weeks after the event has taken place we will electronically transfer all the stall fees collected to the Jumble Trail Champion's nominated account less card transaction fees and a 30% platform fee which goes towards maintaining the Jumble Trail website.  It is the responsibility of the champion to onward distribute any funds where stall holders have been asked to contribute to a specific cause or charity.

How do I cancel? (Stallholder)

If you absolutely must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, in the first instance please contact the Champion to let them know asap.

Please also drop us an email hello@jumbletrail.com, so we can remove your magpie from the map.

If you would like a refund please contact hello@jumbletrail.com we are able to refund your fee, minus £1 (to cover the banking charge) if you do so one week before the event. If you do not request a refund the money will stay in the kitty and go towards the promotion of the Jumble Trail.  

Any refunds are usually processed within two weeks after the event, we process everything in one go to cut down on administration. 

How often can I do a Jumble Trail?
It’s entirely up to you, however to make keep it special you may choose to do one once or twice a year, or as a monthly regular event – it really is down to you and your trailers!
What if somebody else is already doing a Jumble Trail?
Contact them via the website, maybe you can join forces and work together. If you do decide to branch out on your own make sure there is enough time between events to keep people interested.
Can I make food to sell at the Jumble Trail?
Yes, but be careful to follow strict hygiene standards, as we don’t want anyone getting ill.
Can I return something I’ve bought at the Jumble Trail?
This is an agreement between you and the stallholder, usually items are sold as seen, the same as at a car boot sale.
Is there a minimum number of stall holders?
Up to you but a good trail tends to be ideally more than 10 stalls