Martina’s story
Martina Randles
I was born in a jumble sale, well that's what I like to think. From an early age it gave me a sense of what style might be - then it was polka dot dresses and bright fuschia jumpers - anything that wasn't my sisters hand me downs.

As a fashion student I began to reap the rewards of my formative years, my keen eye and independent taste enabled me to dress well on minimal funds. I was hooked on the unique thrill of finding beautiful things that people were happy to see the back of, sheepskin jacket £5, 1930s jacket with fox trim £5, 1970s original Adidas bag £1, I had some lucky finds. You can track my successes (and failures) here - I've invested a lot of time in the community I live in - I want to feel attached to the world around me - having edited two local magazines and helped with a local festival.
I organised my first Jumble Trail in August 2013, I wanted to promote recycling, do something for the community and revive the jumble sale spirit. In convincing 100 houses to set up stall in their front garden I managed to create something very special, a buzz (to me) unlike no other - a neighbourhood alive with laughter - friends, strangers, children, adults, playing, eating, socialising, buying and selling - it felt so good. Cycling round from stall to stall petting animals, chatting to families, tasting delicious home cooking, nabbing bargains, I had an enormous sense of relaxation and contentment.

If goes even half way to sharing all the good stuff achieved that very special day, well that would make me a very happy person indeed.
Matt’s story
Matt West
I have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time a few times in my life for example with my first job working at Hewlett Packard in 1994 when people had really weird email addresses and the first webpages were slowly blinking into life. That break led to a fascinating 20 year career in an industry that never existed before, working at ISPs, Digital Media companies and Internet giants like Yahoo!

Despite my fascination with the possibilities that new technology brings I have always regarded it as an enabler and never as a replacement for real social interaction, which is so important to us as human beings.

That's why when Martina posted a flyer through our door inviting us to take part in the first Jumble Trail we jumped at the chance. In truth my son had been pestering us about selling old toys to finance his Pokemon fixation and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.
The Jumble Trail was a great success, we had time to talk, to meet new neighbours, the children had the run of the street and we welcomed people who made the effort to visit our streets just to browse or hunt for a bargain. Not least we made £100 evenly split between my wife’s brownies, my sons play mobile and the biggest one off sale my daughters old princess castle.

After seeing it work first hand I was inspired to seek out Martina and see if there was a way we could work together to take the concept nation wide using technology to make it easy for everyone.